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PA – The Abbreviated Story

Many of my family and friends have asked the question, “Why Pathology Apparel?”

Simply stated, pathology apparel was created as a way to raise money for a medical mission trip overseas, to provide health care and share the love and grace of the gospel to the natives of Trinidad and Tobago.

What we had originally hoped would help to put a dent in the support raising process for two people, ended up funding far beyond that.

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If you want a more detailed account, see below, but if you don’t have time right now; you can always come back later, or contact us. We Hope you like the website and gear, but most of all- we hope it makes you consider what path you will embrace!

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PA – The Full Story

Pathology Apparel first became a thought during my second semester of Physical Therapy School at the University of South Alabama.

I felt absolutely stagnant and confined within the 4 walls of the health sciences building, both physically and spiritually, with no way to reach or impact the world.

During our Pathology in Physical Therapy class one day, the wheels started turning…

What if there was an idea or a brand that could be a call out to redefine both the way people train their minds and physical bodies, and how they live their lives…

Not some gimmicky New Year’s Resolution that claims to have all the answers, but something that is real and true, that promises suffering and adversity, while subtly reinforcing a purpose much bigger than any of us… a war worth fighting.

Pathology Apparel Tyler Vaughn

For two more semesters, with some help from my classmates and close friends, the idea started to sprout into something tangible.

The defining moment came when an opportunity opened up to travel to Trinidad and Tobago with a team of various health care providers to share the gospel and provide for any medical needs of the native people.

Along with donations, we knew that the support raising process would need to be proactive, so Pathology Apparel became a viable option.

This would be the perfect opportunity to follow through with what I wanted the brand to represent. Raising proceeds for mission work to impact the world is right at the top of the living a purpose driven life chain.

Pathology Apparel Mission Trip Team

The response to the brand has been such a blessing.

To see people rally behind the creed that we have developed and to truly represent the ideals of Pathology Apparel is incredible.

This idea, a small mustard seed in the scope of eternity, will require much more prayer and dynamic faith; however, God has guided it to fertile soil.

I pray that as the apparel moves, so will the gospel and the love of Christ, reminding athletes and adventurers, musicians and dreamers, missionaries and unbelievers, that there is a purpose much bigger than you and me.

PA Path Embrace Fish | Our Story

We are called to Embrace Abnormality, to step away from the norm, a Path to Embrace, to be vulnerable and rough around the edges, but to keep high eyes and humble hearts throughout our successes and failures.

There is a path that has been paved before us, the only question is whether or not we are brave enough to venture up it.

Welcome to Pathology Apparel and our journey to find the Path deep within each of us to embrace abnormality and explore the glory of God in Christ. All of our gear is created with eternity in mind.

We challenge you to keep high eyes and humble hearts on your journey, wherever it may lead! Don’t forget to do something awesome along the way…

PA Hard Core Workout | Our Story

The PA Experience Offers You the Opportunity to Support Missions With Each Purchase

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